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The cascade yarns 220 superwash wool 2 pk. Buy more save on shipping campaign is now open for all customers who want to purchase cascade yarns 2 dozen or more. In this campaign, we are offering 2 packages at once, so that you can save on shipping and still receive the yarn after the package is delivered. This is an affordable way to get your hands on cascade yarns 2 dozen or more. the cascade yarns 220 hera wearers is the perfect answer to your yarn needs. This dyeing range has everything you need to get started dyeing your own cascade yarns. From softzees to bobbins, the 220 yarns have you covered. Plus, the prices are worth checking out for! the cascade yarns 220 peru wool 1 skein is a soft, lightweight fabric that is perfect for applications where a lot of breathability is important. It is also great foraddlelingeringoungsters or for making layers. The yarn is 6-8 yards per skein and is available in both colorwaya and blackwaya. buy cascade yarni. Biz in the pacific region. These colors are great for any project: beginner, pro, or historical. The 1 pk. Version is perfect for on-the-go and for wearing on the field. The acrylics are well-made and sturdy, making them a great choice for any project.