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Caron Yarn Simply Soft

Caron yarn simply soft is a unique three-color yarn that is soft and comfortable to wear. This yarn is made of 100% soft bamboo skeins and measures 3 skeins per medium worsted weight. It is perfect for both day and nightwear.

Soft Yarns

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Caron Yarn Simply Soft Walmart

Caron yarn is a soft, versatile yarn that is perfect for any project. The royal blue hue is unique and versatile, while the off-whiteernels are gentle and soft. This caron yarn is perfect for projects that need with a soft, luxurious feel. caron simply soft yarn is the perfect choice for those who want the best for their money. This soft and smooth yarn is perfect for projects such as these, providing you with hours of fun to enjoy. With a purchase of 10 or more yards, you'll receive 15% off your purchase total. caron yarn is an soft and gentle yarn that will make your proceedingsetter care for less. With a beautiful royal blue color, caron yarn is perfect for any ourty galore event. this caron yarn set is perfect for your next caron party! The fuchsia sparkle hot pink metallic skeins bring a touch of luxury to your next event, while the carmine and pearl colors bring joy to your table.