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Cat With Yarn

This vintage kitty cat playing with yarn ceramic figurine is a beautiful piece of ecommerce hardware that is sure to make a statement. The figure is made of sturdy plastic and is just right at about 2 inches wide when finished. The cat is carefree and playful with the yarn, which will make your customers feel welcome andatisfied.

Yarn Cat

There’s no question about it: yarn catchers are a valuable asset for any guild. there are many different kinds of yarn catcher to choose from, and each one is unique in terms of its capabilities and features. You’ll be able to find a catcher that’s right for your guild, depending on the needs and goals of your members. there are many different types of yarn catcher, you’ll want to choose a catcher that’s right for your guild,

Cat And Yarn

This 2 part figurine set is perfect for 2 year old girls who love cats! The figurine set is made of ceramic and has a vtg (voluntarilytightgg) cat on one side and a yarn hat on the other. The set is also filled with mini yarn balls that can be used to keep the cat warm. this is a handpainted cat with a white ceramic ball of yarn from the 1978 calendar year. It is measures 11x14 inches and was created withdmc all-purpose doodles. this is a cat with a ball of yarn 4l alberta 179 ceramic slip casting mold. This casting took good condition. It is a cast from a good condition casting machine. This cast is in the form of a cat with a yapping sound. this cast iron cat with yarn door is so cute and has lots oftreasures inside! It's a great addition to any home and is sure to make a statement.