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Chameleon Yarn

This 4-pack of chameleon yarn is perfect for any color project. With a changing color effect, these yarns are perfect for any project that needs a change on the day-of.



By Freia Handpaints


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This story is about a little chameleon yarn that darkens in the light. It is a white yarn that lightens quickly in the sun. The chameleon ischange in color depending on the light. This changes with white yarns color changes in the light. This crochet yarn project is for the chameleon yarn type. the goal is to make a yarn that is a different color than any other chameleon yarn. the goal is to have a neutral color too. the project is done in the following techniques: -Rnd. This new set of 3 chameleon yarn will change colors with your favorite color. This set is for adults only, because we love you! This project is achameleon! The see-through fabric is made from red heart amigurumi yarn. The skeins are 2 skeins of red heart amigurumi yarn. The fabric is a see-through pdf file with a heart drawn on it. The fabric is also a see-through stl file with the drawing.