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Cotton Sock Yarn

These socks are made with a 100% cotton wool yarn in a 2 skeins. These socks are stretchy and comfortable. They are a great accessory for your home or office.

Cotton Blend Sock Yarn

There's a lot we don't know about cotton blend socks. For one, it's not just a one-size-fits-all sock. There is a lot of personality in cotton blend socks. And, secondly, these socks can be used for a number of sock styles. lastly, these socks are great for those deep-fried foods projects. The brilliant thing about cotton blend socks is that you can use almost any sock style and still look beautiful. They will make your food project stand out.

Cotton Sock Yarn Amazon

This is a sock yarn in white cotton and 6-foot long. It is wave 6, the 6th color in the 6-foot-long-diameter pattern. This sock has a soft, cozy feel to it and is great for using up old socks. this cotton sky sock yarn is a light blue with a soft, gentle color. It is made of 30% jute and 60% wool and is a good choice for mischievous primary colors and bright skies. these socks are from the line of patons socks and are very popular because they are yet another piece in a series ofstretch socks. The socks are made from a blend of wool and cotton, with the cotton being moreofto give a "stretch" to the sock. The skeins are in two parts, one was weighty and the other was very light. These socks are made in america and are meant to be used with or without socks. They are perfect for wearing outside or inside a sock. schoppel's 10 colors cotton sock yarn is available in two dupe colors: light blue and dark blue. This yarn is available in two colors available for a limited time: clearance priced and located on this page. If you are looking for a new and exciting yarn to add to your sock yarn collection, this is the perfect yarn for you!