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Drops Paris Cotton Yarn

This is a great choice if you are looking for green and blue yarn for your home knitting project or if you are looking for some new colors to your favorite projects. We offer a 9 skeins range of cotton yarn in a variety of colors and styles. This yarn is perfect for anyone who wants to create a creative piece of equipment.

Top 10 Drops Paris Cotton Yarn

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Drops Paris Cotton Yarn Ebay

This lot of 5 skeins of drops paris cotton yarn is a pastel color new and is designed to be used for gloves, shoes or a variety of other accessories. It is a great choice for a busy woman or man who wants to look their best. drops paris cotton yarn is a 100% cotton yarn that is dark green. It is located in a lot of 282 yds ea. this is a beautiful drops of cotton yarn from paris that is currently in use in the knitting and weaving industries. It is a light mint green, good for possible use in this is a protective loop for the needle to hand as needed. The cotton yarn is in great condition with a little bit of wear but overall a beautiful color.