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Drops Safran Yarn

Safran yarn is a luxurious, soft, natural egyptian cotton yarn that is perfect for any project. The 1. 8 oz crochet and knitting yarn drops safran makes a great project-proof yarn for those who like to take things one step at a time.

Drops Safran Yarn Amazon

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Best Drops Safran Yarn

Drops safran yarn is a soft, easy-to- knit yarn in 100% egyptian combed cotton. This colorway is perfect for stylish sweaters and skirts, with a professional-looking look. this is a delicious looking yarn that is made from 100% egyptian combed cotton. It is a 1. 8 oz (60 g) yarn, and it is in a close-cropped colorway. It is a beautiful dark brown, and the fibers are well-defined. This yarn is perfect for use in baby components, or for using ingal yarns. this is a 6 in 6 batch of safran yarn! It is a soft, cozy, and natural blue. this drops safran yarn is a great way to get a few skeins of each color you want. It's also a great choice for making up your own (sock)100 cotton 1. 8 oz 185 yds. this is a 6-pack of safran blue yarn in a 100-yard yoke. Each yoke is 6" in diameter. The yarn is in 1. 8 oz condition. It is from a box that was used but has now been newly conditioned.