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Glitter Yarn Crochet

This is a glitter ribbon yarn in a dark brown and black color. It is also available in a dark green and light blue. The yarn is in a small amount of sandstone gold metallic. It is in aaiiium amount for a dainty little secretary.

Huntington Yarn Mills & Gold Rush Metallic Yarn Lot of 6

Huntington Yarn Mills & Gold Rush Metallic Yarn Lot of 6

By Huntingdon Yarn Mills & Gold Rush Yarn


Cheap Glitter Yarn Crochet

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Top 10 Glitter Yarn Crochet

Glitter yarn crochet for the holidays! This 3 oz. Version is perfect for those who want to add a little bit of color and glitter to their appearance before or after the big family gatherings. The festive smell in your air will only help everyone you know get up and start looking for their own festive pieces. this color is a bright gold spruce with a bit of a noir flair. It is a perfect yarn for a fun and colorful crochet project. The dazzling gold sparkle yarn is a must-have for any rhinotimer look-up. this is a glitter yarn crochet ball. It is made from hand dyed art yarn and hand spun thread. It is 5. 1 ounces (140 grams). It is thick and thin hand dyed and handspun. It is sparkle! this yarn crochet toy is a berline dyed and hand spinning version of the popular glitter yarn crochet toy. The berline is thick and thin, while the hand dyed yarn is thick and thin. This toy is also hand spun so that it is thick and thin. The toy is also aglitter yarn novelty bulky.