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Lion Brand Homespun Yarn

If you're looking for a unique and unique looking yarn that you can choose your own color from, look no further than the lion brand homespun yarn. This blend of acrylic and fiberfill is sure to make your project look neil armstrong and buzz aldrin proud!

LionBrand Homespun yarn

LionBrand Homespun yarn

By Lion Brand


Lion Brand Yarn Homespun

Lion brand yarn homespun is a unique and unique looking yarn. It is light, soft, and stylish. This yarn is perfect for using up left-overs or for making new designs with your favoritematerial:lion brand yarn homespun is made of 100% wool. It is gentle, soft, and stylish.

Homespun Yarn

This homespun yarn is a great for methods and styles of yarn wear. It is a great for just about any project. It is a great for developing new techniques for knitting, 4-finger knitting, and cardigan knitting. It is also a great for holding up to washes and wear and tear. This yarn is 6 oz. And 8 oz. our lion brand homespun yarn is a great choice for those looking for a unique and versatile yarn. It is a baby blue color with a warm atmosphere and a unique way of looking at life. With a few simple rank knits, it has a wide range of looks and feel. the homespun lion brand yarn is a great choice for anyone looking for a easy-to-wear yarn that comes with a feeling of rebelliousness and rebelliousness of a different kind. With a sleek, modern look, this yarn is perfect for brands and patterns that require a strong and loud warp. The soft, rustic feel of the lion brand yarn is perfect for any project, whether it's a new piece of clothes or an old-school-inspired project. this set includes: 3 pack lion brand yarn 790-315 homespun yarn tudor.