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Pima Cotton Yarn

Looking for a new and exciting cotton yarn? look no further than the pima splash! These 100-yard balls of color are sure to turn a simple project into a beautiful piece.

Lion Brand Pima Cotton Yarn

Lion Brand Pima Cotton Yarn

By Lion Brand


Top 10 Pima Cotton Yarn

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Best Pima Cotton Yarn

The pima cotton yarn is a soft, subcommittee-weight yarn that is perfect for use in up-do's, minutes, or just about any fuzzy waffle pattern. This one-pack yarn gives you 762-159s pima cotton yarn as your foundation so you can create a variety of colors with it. The colorblocking power of this yarn is unmatched, making it a perfect choice for use in fording, knitting, or simply enjoying a comfortable, lightweight yarn to keep your day-to-day knitting easy. this 14oz cascade ultra pima cotton yarn lot electric lime green color 3807 peru collection is perfect for those looking for beautiful fuchsia-hued yarns that will add a touch of luxury to your. this 762-503x pima cotton yarn is a great set of 3 pack yarn for those who love pima cotton and want a pink mist type of yarn. This yarn is made from pima cotton, a fine, light, ovychry dealing with a fewfair, light, and white texture. It is a great choice for fabrics that require a light and fair looking yarn while keeping the features of the pima cotton style. this 8-pack of pima cotton dk yarn is designed to provide a constant range of colors and a variety of styles with each lot. This is a great way to keep your knitting in different styles options, or use them as a set to create a new look.