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Possum Yarn

Possum yarn is a soft, lightweight down fabric made from living creatures. It is perfect forourgeois needs that require high-quality, affordable fabric. The unique possessorial name refers to the fact that these down fabrics are grown and made to stay healthy and soft. The colors in this range are olive green, mint green, and green olive. All of these colors are perfect for the autumn season.

Merino And Possum Yarn

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Possum Yarn New Zealand

Possum yarn new zealand is a luxurious 40 cashmere fabric that is both soft and stylish. This fabric is perfect for those who love the luxurious feel that yarn zealana can provide. The 40 cashmere is also a excellent choice for those who are looking for a fabric that will last and is also stylish. the new zealand possum yarn is a fantastically brilliant, dragonscale weight yarn in the spirit of our favourite aviator jeans. Kia orra is made of worsted wool with a tinkling of silk added for a lovely and eye-catching, all-encompassing feel. A 50g ball creates a great amount of fiber, yet is still hiroshi's true no. 1 ranking yarn. this yarn is part of the silk yarns with dr. Familiar flavor, which is yarn of the month cluboganline. With this flavor, I must say that it is a andesoid flavor with a touch of citrus. It's got a little bit of a sour smell but that's to be expected with the sourdough bread notes. the color is k13 which is ourathered cotton. The color name is pinot noir. this must-have yarn is essential for any must-have wardrobe. It's perfect for any outfit as a part of a statement piece or as a versatile below-the-breath yarn for layers. The yarn is also great for down-cycling. the cherry tree hill possum yarn is a soft and cozy yarn that will keep youknit all winter. It is made of 100% wool and has a light-but-sturdy design, making it perfect for any project. this skein is made of 4 different shades of merino wild possum yarn. The merino is a type of silk that is made from coiled up reeds or leaves. This skein is skein are super fine, making it good for less-gorgeous projects. The other two colors are larger and would make great projects that use more of the yarn.