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Red Black Variegated Yarn

This dark, steaming-cold, winter yarn is all about the love affair. With a light, ice-cold feel to it, it's perfect for your next love story. This red, black, and white yarn is made of 100% wool and is aran-aki-weighed at 45261. It is in a fun fur colorblock with a deep navy blue hue. It is given in 50g.

Red Black Variegated Yarn Amazon

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Red Black Variegated Yarn Ebay

This is a great deal on a red black variegated yarn! It has a little bit of every color, so it can be used for a lot of different types of fields. The variegated design is the perfect way to add interest and via rouge to your knitting. this is a great set of three variegated yarn black and white balls. They are lot of three and will last for many years. This is a great value for the price you pay. the red black variegated yarn is a 100% wool product and is multis variegated which means the fiber has multiple shades of blue. The yarn is skeined and is red, black, and variegated. This can be a beautifulways is a stunning addition to any wardrobe. this is a red black variegated yarn set which means that it is made from two different shades of black, giving the set a unique look and feel. This yarn is also solid black, making it perfect forfilthy clothes.