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Susan Yarns

If you're looking for aitches needlessusan bates k-10. 5 6. 5mm bamboo crochet hook, you'll want something like this. It's aluminum, so it's going to be reliable and not losing its shape over time. And it has a 6. 5mm width, so it can handle a lot of work with ease.

Yarn Mart

There's so much to say about yarn mart, and I don't know how to start! What I will say is that I have never been so satisfied with a purchase from yarn mart, and the products I have bought have always been of a high quality. The delivery is also amazing; they send out the products very quickly and cleanly. I highly recommend yarn mart to anyone looking for a great product at a great price.

Susan Yarns Ebay

This is asusan yarns 2 35 7 cm knitting cable stitch holder. It is a great holder to keep your cables in place while knitting. The fabric is sturdy and the hanger is comfortable to hold. this unit is providing needles for knitting with the susan bates quicksilver 8 us 5mm 24 aluminum circular knitting needles. this susan bates luxite jumbo crochet hook is a 16mm hook size. It is perfect for crocheting in the hank or in a cable. It has a strong construction with a comfortable fit. This hook is perfect for right-handed or left-handed users. this is a holder made of wool and silk thread which holds together to create a small cable as we go around our body. It is convenient to carry around when we need to knit something bulky.