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Vanna's Choice Yarn Colors

If you're looking foracrylic yarn 860 series color variations 170 yds. That offers you the perfect mix of cute and stylish, then vannas choice is the answer! This yarn is made with acs, a leading brand of acrylic yarns, for a variety of results options that will work with any outfit. From casual and sophisticated to formal and artful, vannas choice has you covered there!

Vanna's Choice Yarn Colors Ebay

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Best Vanna's Choice Yarn Colors

This denim mist is in color 300 and is a new item in the vannas choice yarn line. It is a light blue denim mist with flecks of denim in the clouds and a slightly long tail. this is a 2 ply blue and navy blue skein, both with a kelty part up the front. There are lots of choices of color and design, but I really like the blue. It is soft, versatile, and looks good. this set of three coloradito yarns is for vannas choice when wearing color twilight. The colors are black, white, and green. this color is a great choice for the fabric you will be using to create your mystery dress. With its charcoal print, this color will add a touch of luxury to your outfit.