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Yarn Bee Luxe Lollies

Looking for some fun and festiveςlollies? Look no further than the yarn bee luxe lollies. Theseacquot* viscose lace lollies are with theiring*a*ady*d* to make your mouth watery. With suc is*, thesellies come to your heart*z*o*m*ing*!

Luxe Lollies Yarn

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Yarn Bee Luxe Lollies Ebay

Our yarn bee luxe lollies are filled with sugar and spice and perfect for any occassion! They are delicious and perfect for a loved one's favorite toy! the yarn bee luxe lollies are a great way to get your adding up! These lollies are in two skeins, each with a different color. And they are all soft, soft, soft! these yarn bee lollies are so patterns and stylish. They come in two skeins, one with a colorful bee and one with a purple bee. The lavender and purple lollies are both very stylish and cute. This set contains 12 lollies. these yarn bee luxe lollies are a must-have for any yarn bee player's toolkit. A skein of yarn bee luxe lollies can provide you with over 200g of fun. These skeins are delicate, soft, and easy to work with - perfect for a busy craft room or between projects.